Sisma BIG SMARK 200F/200F-EP/300F

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Sisma renews its design for the new generation of laser systems for microprocessing with fiber technology. Increased functionality of the source allows engraving, marking and microcutting to meet the highest technical standards available.

The door opens on 3 sides to facilitate access, wide work chamber (500x500 mm), maximum height of piece 530 mm (F100) and can be connected with all Sisma accessories making the system highly flexible. Awareness of the process and applicative requirements, as well as constructive features, make the Big Smark an innovative system simple and productive.

Control: Windows PC. Software SLC - PRISMA

Interface: PLC, data network (ethernet), digital I/O

Software: Software for files management and marking parameters defining. Types of accepted files: Svg, Dxf, Hpgl, Bmp, Jpg, Pit; control system for axis; camera for object centering and positioning engraving cycles. Entirely developed by Sisma.

Options: High precision rotary axis, dragging system with winder, dynamic measuring device, fumes aspirator, static clamping device.


BIG SMARK 200F/200F-EP/300F

Model 200F 200F EP 300F
Laser Source Yb Yb Yb
Wave Pulse 1064 nm 1064 nm 1064 nm
Average Laser Power 20 W 20 W 30 W
Pulse Frequescy 1÷500 kHz 1÷1000 kHz 1÷500 kHz
Pulse 260/40 ns 3-500 ns 260/40 ns
Max Pulse Energy 1/0,21 mJ 0,03-1 mJ 1/0,21 mJ
Beam Quality ≤ 1,6 M2 ≤ 1,6 M2 ≤ 1,6 M2
Laser Spot Diameter 20 μm 20 μm 20 μm
Max. Marking Speed 2000 mm/s
Focal Lenses F100, F160 (standard), F254, F330
4th Axis Optional
Laser Guide Class 2M Red Laser Diode; λ=650 nm; 2 mW
Working Temperature 10°C to 35°C - non condensing
Cooling System Forced-air cooling
Working Room 500 x 500 x 380 mm
Power Supply 230 V ± 15% 50/60 Hz 1ph 0,8 kW
Dimensions (LxPxA)* 650 x 1040 x 1760 mm
Weight 240 kg






Both the 200F and the 400F are available to view in the GETi showroom. To request a demonstration please contact us on 0121 507 0994 or email:

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