Memorial Range

The Memorial Range of Rings from GETi feature two section rings whereby hair or ashes of a loved one can be inserted into a channel within the ring and sealed. In reality any of our Titanium rings can be created as a Memorial ring to contain ashes. If you see a style that you like elsewhere on our site but not listed here, please enquire for pricing details.

If buying a memorial ring from one of our retailers, please send your ashes to them who will then forward to us. Please also ensure that your size is correct as resizing on these rings will be difficult and we can probably only achieve a small increment larger.

A gauge can be provided to confirm the size that you have been informed of. 

Memorial Range rings cannot be made with a shallow wall due to the metal thickness needed to retain the ashes.

GETi Memorial range ashes rings are 'sealed for life' and the ashes are concealed discretely inside the ring. They are not generally intended to come apart to view the ashes.



**Please note that rings containing ashes shipped to countries outside the UK could possibly incur an extra cost on receipt and regulations may differ, country to country**