Jewellery Reunited

Lost Jewellery Recovery Service


Register your unique serial numbers to cover the amount of jewellery items that you want to protect. (1 item per serial number)

Send your jewellery off to the engraver of your choice to have the serial numbers applied to your jewellery items (Different sizes are available, We recommend Standard 2mm, Medium 1.5mm and Discrete 1mm;  2mm and 1mm shown for comparison).

We highly recommend laser engraving to achieve a crisp, easy to read mark. This is an additional cost and we anticipate this to be around £25/item plus postage.



Relax and don’t panic! It might still be in the house so keep on looking.

In the meantime, if you have really lost it and it gets found, the finder will no doubt look at the jewellery for any identifying marks, locate the serial number and web address and then visit our site to enter the code and start the lost jewellery recovery service process for returning your item to you.

Various police forces, pawn brokers and jewellers are aware of this service and will know to check for details to help facilitate the retun of your cherished item of jewellery.



An email is automatically sent from the Jewellery Reunited site to you with details of the person who found it and the item of jewellery.

You can then contact the finder directly to arrange collection or delivery of the item.

Offering a reward for the return could help to encourage the finder to initiate the reuniting process.


***If you have a serial number already registered and have ordered a ring with engraving through GETi, you can have your serial number engraved for free. Just let us know at the time of ordering. ***

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