Aluminium Ring Gauge Set

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Set of 52 Aluminium ring gauges complete with box.

Sizes 'G' to 'Z+6' including half sizes (or US/Euro equivalent) with a choice of width and profile (flat top court or full court).

Please note that the product image shows additional flat profile gauges. Mixing profiles in a set is possible, we would recommend doing half sizes as a flat profile and full sizes as a dome profile. This way if a customer is interested in a particular profile and has trouble visualising it on their finger, then at least the gauge will be at worst only half a size out for a particular profile.


These gauges are designed to be compatible with GETi Titanium and Zirconium rings and match the internal comfort fit.


GETi Win A Sizing Kit Competition


Click the link above to enter!


Win! A GETi Ring Sizing Kit to the dimensions of your choice. These Aluminium gauges can be made in sets of any width or profile of your choice and are an essential tool in any jewellery retail environment to reduce the risk of sizing errors and rework.

Sizes include G to Z+6 including half sizes.

No purchase necessary to enter and no prize alternative offered - the winner will be drawn at random on1st June 2017 from the list of registered retailers on Odissa Wholesale - the new B2B wholesale platform from the Guild of Jewellery Designers.

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